Thursday, October 13, 2016

Phantasmical Contraptions & Other Errors

Eagerly announcing the release of Phantasmical Contraptions & Other Errors! This one's been a slog so that we could get it done in time for Gothenburg SteamCon (, but we all worked hard and this anthology is chock-full of fantastic steampunk-themed stories to delight your Victorian alternate universe senses.

I would especially like to thank Lukas Thelin ( and Åskfågeln ( for the amazing cover art.

You can find Phantasmical Contraptions on Amazon in the US here ( and the UK here ( 

The Kindle and paperback versions are both available, but Amazon may not yet have linked them, so you may need to search for the title to find the version you're looking for.

We hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please please please leave an Amazon review!

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