Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's Gnu with You?

Today I miss the squirrels in Madison Square Park, and revolving doors. I miss the doorman's happy greeting, and being let off the elevator first. I miss the Sfizio sandwich at Mangia on 23rd Street, and the MetLife clock tower.

I only had three days in London before I had to come to Sweden to fetch the kitty and spend some time at work, catching up with friends and colleagues, so I don't know what I'm missing in London yet. :) We found an apartment in Greenwich, though, and our offer seems to have been accepted, and I think we may move in on the 16th of February, so it's nice to know what's coming. It's wonderful to see friends, but after nearly a week here in Gothenburg, I feel on some level that I'm not ready to be back here permanently yet. I've discussed with my new boss (The old one got a CEO-type job at another company back in Finland, where he's from, and would like to raise his kids there...completely understandable, but I'll miss him...he was a good boss, all in all.) the possibilities of what can happen if I happen to get a job in London, how flexible the company can be, and in fact, the desire to keep me on in a kind of freelance proofreader/copy editor capacity, which I think is pretty cool! It can never hurt to keep ties here, after all, and anyway, I want to be coming back to visit my wonderful Katja, RumsJanne and Miss Green, Steve, Tomper, Rosy, and oh-so-many other good friends I've made here. The best of friends!

But I'm looking forward to getting back to London with my husband and my cat, to finally get together with fellow-Idahoan Carolyn again, and to move into a new place that will be "ours" even if for a short time, and opening up some work horizons, which both scares and excites me. I've been at this company now for nearly 7 years. I'm ready to do something else. I'd much rather be doing some copy editing than writing instructions. Writing instructions for software is not my goal in life.

Ahh well, I shall go on missing revolving doors today, and ponder things that are new and exciting and scary! :)