Monday, March 17, 2008

So I'll make an attempt to catch up! First, Valentine's Day and celebrations.

We didn't go out to dinner like many people do on Valentine's Day, but since it is the day we got engaged 12 years ago, we did want to do a little something special. So, we made a special dinner at home. Might not have looked quite as fancy as a restaurant, but it tasted darn good.

First, a little pink champagne (which Lennart and I have found we both prefer, as it's slightly sweeter) and fois gras with black truffles, peach preserves, and a simple toast:

Next, venison medallions in a port sauce made with onions, butter, beef and chicken broth, port (of course), and raspberries; freshly steamed fennel (I think there's some fennel bits in the sauce as well); and finally a sort of shredded potato rösti with gruyere cheese. The sharp cheese went really well with the strong venison flavour, and the meat was so tender and delicious!

Finally, we let Gü do most of the work with their chocolate tarts with molten center, and we made a nice raspberry sauce to go on top, served with a sweet desert wine:

But that wasn't the end of our Valentine celebrations. That weekend we rented a car and drove to Mont Saint Michel, a tidal island which holds a medieval walled city topped by the most stunning monastery. This is one of those places that really makes you believe that magic must be true. This little village is the epitome of medieval fantastical settings, and you could just imagine a dragon sitting atop a turret or fairies wisping through the gardens. This place will forever have a small piece of my heart.

If you begin by clicking on this one, and click the next arrow, it goes quicker as the pictures are pre-loaded:

(If you happen to wonder anything about any of the pictures, please ask. :)

Soon, Egypt!