Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sword and Mythos

Here's one that combines Lovecraft with heroic fantasy. Sword and mythos: http://www.innsmouthfreepress.com/blog/?p=19148

Horror Without Victims

Looking for a place to send your creepier stories? Have a look at this anthology with the intriguing name of Horror Without Victims: http://howivi.wordpress.com/

The Future Embodied

New anthology project, The Future Embodied, will be accepting submissions starting in March, 2013. This looks like an interesting one. They're looking for speculative stories exploring how science and technology might change our bodies and what it means to be human. Have a peek: http://futureembodiedanthology.wordpress.com/

Clockwork Phoenix

Clockwork Phoenix is now open to submissions:  http://www.clockworkphoenix.com/