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Phantasmical Contraptions & Other Errors

Eagerly announcing the release of Phantasmical Contraptions & Other Errors! This one's been a slog so that we could get it done in time for Gothenburg SteamCon (www.facebook.com/events/632585113547185/), but we all worked hard and this anthology is chock-full of fantastic steampunk-themed stories to delight your Victorian alternate universe senses.

I would especially like to thank Lukas Thelin (www.facebook.com/lukas.thelin) and Åskfågeln (www.facebook.com/askfageln/) for the amazing cover art.

You can find Phantasmical Contraptions on Amazon in the US here (http://amzn.com/1539450821) and the UK here (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1539450821). 

The Kindle and paperback versions are both available, but Amazon may not yet have linked them, so you may need to search for the title to find the version you're looking for.

We hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please please please leave an Amazon review!

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Brandon Nolta's Iron and Smoke available free on Kindle for a limited time!   https://amzn.com/B00U3R6J6Y

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I'm announcing a contest for helping name the upcoming steampunk anthology! Go to my facebook page, suggest a name in the comments, and the person who offers the winning title will receive a paperback copy of Intrepid Horizons!

Titles that I liked but cannot use due to already being in use:
The Faraday Cage
The Difference Engine

Enter now! I can't wait to hear your suggestions. And don't forget to submit your stories, too! :)


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Intrepid Horizons is out!

Intrepid Horizons is now available! In celebration, we're also having a giveaway of Other Days in paperback for free to...

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Rendezvous with Randomness

If you love role playing, if you love history, if you love passionate photography, this kickstarter campaign will...

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Brief Analysis of the Alphahole Trope

Not that brief, but a very interesting read nonetheless. If you have any Byronesque/Alphahole characters in your fiction, I recommend having a look!

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Fenix Reviews Encounters

Swedish gaming magazine Fenix has reviewed Encounters and we're happy to present their review.English...

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Tips on using dialogue tags.

Writing dialogue is a tricky thing, and all those he said/she asked get old, don't they? Have you been trying to enliven...

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Avoiding sexism in your fiction writing.

Things to think about when populating your worlds.

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Victorian Slang

I think a good many of these could be nicely injected into steampunk stories, if you have the inclination. :)

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How to use brand names in your fiction writing.

Some helpful hints here:

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Intrepid Horizons -- Final Call for Stories

Intrepid Horizons -- Final Call for StoriesThird in the anthology series following up onOther Days and Encounters,...

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Grimdark magazine once again accepting stories.

Grimdark magazine has re-opened for submissions: http://grimdarkmagazine.com/pages/submission-guidelines-for-grimdark-magazine/

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The Daily SF open for submissions.

The Daily Science Fiction is open to flash stories: http://dailysciencefiction.com/submit/story/guidelines

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Ode to English Insulation

Oh English insulation,
Troubles a-plenty you've got.
Are you a figment of my imagination,
Or are you made of naught?

I daydream of triple-glazed panes,
With argon-filled hermetically sealed gaps.
I realize I may be insane,
When I hope for hot&cold-mixing taps.

Dear English insulation,
I wish to put you at ease.
The people of your stiff-upper-lipped nation
Are fortunately used to this freeze.

RIP Alan Rickman

Oh, Alan Rickman. :( Another loss to both great stage acting, and strong influences on genres of fantasy and scifi:

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Alpha Workshop for Young Writers

Retweeted A.C. Wise (@ac_wise):The application process is now open for the @AlphaWorkshop for Young Writers. Spread the word to teen SFF writers!

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RIP David Bowie, The Musician who Changed Science Fiction

The Daily Word Counts of 39 Famous Authors