Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jet lag makes me stupid.

Ten years ago today, Lennart and I got married in a quick and dirty town hall ceremony which I didn't fully understand but nevertheless took very seriously. Today, we've been through bumps, some serious, some less so, and come through to drive on the mostly paved, slightly cracked, a bit potholed road of married life. We'll have kids if and when it happens, and for now, we're mostly enjoying our everydays despite the typical human feelings of being a bit at loose ends now and then.

Today, I went to have lunch with Carolyn and realized I'd forgotten my wallet. Carolyn was so kind; she paid for lunch, and I took the DLR back to Canary Wharf thinking I'd pick up a little anniversary present for Lennart. I'd looked up the traditional gifts for anniversaries, and it seemed that tin is the old-fangled gift for ten years, and alumin(i)um is the new-fangled one. "Great!" thought I. "I'll just find something shiny/metallic-y to give him." I didn't really find anything I liked, so I decided to at least pick up a bottle of champagne from Waitrose when once again it dawned on me that I still DIDN'T HAVE MY WALLET! Duh!

Took DLR home...saw sleeeeeeepy kitty. Had an incredible sleepy feeling planted in the middle of my forehead, making my eyelids very heavy, and decided that sleep wasn't such a bad idea and kitty and I settled down for a small snooze. Juuuust drifted off when Lennart's mother called to wish me a happy anniversary and tell me how generally poor things were in her life (*sigh* I wish I knew what to do to make her feel happier.) and so I decided to check my email on my INCREDIBLE NEW IPHONE that Lennart got me for an early anniversary present. This thing is the coolest gadget I have ever had my hands on!

Anyway, now it's 5pm so I'll start getting ready for our anniversary dinner tonight at Foliage where they do a really fun, surprise tasting menu. :)