Saturday, March 29, 2014

When to start editing?

I have often been asked by authors, "When should I send you my manuscript for an edit?" Sometimes they have just finished writing, and sometimes they are still in the process of writing. Some have already done some self-editing and beta reading, and so they know how important this process is already. But for those new to the writing process, here are some important tips for doing your self-edit before submitting to your editor. Because if your editor has to focus on all the little things, you're not getting the other, more in-depth valuable feedback s/he can offer you. And I'm sure you want to spend your money in the best way possible, right? :)

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Where do story ideas come from?

And for your final viewing pleasure today, Neil Gaiman on where ideas come from:

More Publishing Opportunities

  • Postscripts to Darkness is now open to submissions for their 6th Volume. Be sure to check out their new guidelines:
  • Tales of the Unanticipated is open for submissions THIS MONTH ONLY. Check out their guidelines here:
  • I Am the Abyss is looking for horror adventure and dark fantasy submissions:
  • Songs of the Great Cycle is a fantasy anthology focused on stories in the Pre-Columbian New World, specifically Mesoamerica.
  • Torn Pages. No genre limitation. Their ideal submission will deal in issues such as religion in the science classroom, censorship, historical revisionism, chilling effect, book (media) burning, net neutrality, or Orwellian concepts like Newspeak and Thoughtcrime. Watching the recent Nye/Ham debate we were reminded of Burrough's assertion that language is a virus. Think books. Think classroom. Think logical fallacies, partisan politics, and education standards in the balance.