Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whole Lotta Seoul *groans at own bad puns*

Seoul is delicious! You pop into any food spot, such as even some little place in a shopping mall food court, and you get amazing, freshly-cooked-on-your-table meats and vegetables and tasty sauces and spicy kimchis, and it's been humid and hot, but overcast, which makes it almost bearable, but not quite. It's too easy to forget to drink enough water, which I didn't. But we made up for it with a sort of ground beef stew and soju? :) And lots of water, too! Went to see the palace yesterday (a collection of very colorful and lovely sheds! Pictures to follow soonish.) and wandered around the Insadong area... This morning, Lennart is snoring not-so-gently in the background since he didn't sleep well last night. Jet lag and too much heat can have a nasty effect on our sleep mechanisms. In any case, another couple of hours and we head to the airport again to make our way to Ulaan Bator, where we will arrive late late late.

But the hotel there is supposed to have internet, so there may be more updates...