Saturday, April 30, 2005


When Lennart and I finished traipsing around Machu Picchu, we rode the bus back down to the village at the bottom of the mountain, and were walking back to the train station through the market. This was one of the only markets anywhere we'd been in Peru where people didn't accost you to buy things (yoiks, but that's another story). As Lennart was taking some pics, I saw these little girls, and one of them said plaintively, "Poto! Poto!" whilst looking up at Lennart's camera. I said, "Take their picture," which made them SO happy, and the oldest of the three started herding the other two into line to have their photo taken. They tried to get as close to the camera as possible, and Lennart had to hold his hand out to keep them back far enough that the camera would focus on them. Afterwards, they looked so expectant, so I said to Lennart, show them the image on the camera, so he did, and they gathered in CLOSE and the oldest girl pointed out to the other two where they were in the picture. Very cute. After many minutes of nearly bowling Lennart over backwards, he finally had to stand up and say, "Whew...okay" and he giggled. The girls seemed mostly satisfied then, and I said, "Adios"* and waved goodbye.

*My Sesame Street Spanish paid off, gosh durnit! :)