Saturday, January 27, 2007

So here we sit at JFK airport, waiting for our flight to London (via Frankfurt, on Singapore airlines. Figure that one out. :).

A busy day...the movers came and packed stuff. It didn't seem like we had that much stuff to send to London, but in the end there were 25 boxes of stuff weighing nearly 900 pounds!! It's amazing what can be accumulated in a year's time. We decided that moving every year was a good thing, because of the amount of junk it forces you to throw away. And even when we left, we have a pile of things for the Salvation Army to come pick up on Monday.

It was kind of sad, leaving the apartment, nearly as empty as when we found it. Though better, in some repects. We had installed a light above the kitchen sink, some simple, space saving wine racks under the cupboard above the kitchen counter, and a towel rack in the bathroom. But Lennart and I stood for a moment, hand in hand, gazing one last time at our particular view of the Empire State Building. And then grabbed the suitcases, left the keys with the doorman, caught a cab, and headed to the airport, and here we are.

See you on the other side...

Saturday, January 20, 2007


The repairs in the apartment beneath sound like someone has a really big, really hard-boiled egg that they're trying to remove the shell from.

Jeremy Brett was the best Sherlock Holmes ever.

I don't see the attraction of sudoku. I can do them, but they all feel the same. You've done one, you've done 'em all. Give me a crossword any day!

Aruba was bliss. It's good to be home.

Speaking of home, London's starting to appear like a massive cruise ship, bearing down on us in our tiny little two-man (and one cat) sailboat. I feel unprepared, but excited too. Yikes, yoiks!

I'm sure there's more, but things are so hecticcrazymonsterbusy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I've broken my tailbone twice. Once on rollerskates and once on icy steps. Sat on a board for months after the second one. I think it healed a bit crooked as well, that second time, because every time I ride more than a couple hours on an airplane, I have to pop it into place. :| The airplane seats hit me exactly wrong. Anyway, just my luck, I fell on Christmas Eve whilst getting a tree, and though I don't think I rebroke it, it's a real pain!

Otherwise, a pretty good, quiet Christmas was had by all.