Monday, April 16, 2007

Various and Sundry

  • I had downloaded the pilot episode of Ugly Betty from iTunes, and saw that it was taking place in New York. "That's cool!" thought I. It was all well and good, and then I saw the last 15 seconds. Ugly Betty works in the MetLife building. Lennart worked in the MetLife building! Ugly Betty walked across the street into Madison Square Park. We walked there all the time! A later episode made a reference to a restaurant called "Madison Six" which, had it existed, would probably have been roughly where the Shake Shack is in the park. But it was clearly also a reference to Eleven Madison, a restaurant in the MetLife building. Both of those are owned by restaurateur Danny Meyer, who inspires good food and incredibly friendly wait staff. If you're in NYC, GO to one of his restaurants. Anyway, it was all within a block of where we lived, and it made me very homesick for New York. Who'd have thought that I'd ever be homesick for a place that I absolutely hated when I first visited about ten years ago. But I still say it's different visiting a place than it is living there.

  • We went to Sweden on Saturday, to visit Lennart's mother. Before we left, Lennart took some pictures of our apartment here so that she could see what it looked like. Then he wanted to print them quickly, but saw that there were a lot of old pictures on the camera, which would make loading take a lot of time, so without thinking he deleted all the old ones. Then, on the plane, he said, "Oh, shit! I erased all the Stonehenge pictures." Not only those, mind you, but all the ones from Cambridge, and the whole of Wiltshire. So I won't be showing you those after all. *sigh*

  • We went to Tjörn to check things out. I guess they'd had some horrible hurricane winds there, and one end of our greenhouse was lifted and moved off of its foundation by several feet. Cracking several panes of glass, and knocking all my stacked, empty flower pots to the floor and breaking them. :( That thing is heavy, and the only way to fix it is to remove ALL the panes of glass and start over. *double sigh*

  • I had Lennart cut my hair while we were in Sweden, and now I look like this again:

  • On the way home from Stansted yesterday, I saw lots of cute, white, fluffy lambs. I may have got a high-pitched voice when pointing them out to Lennart. I may have squealed "cute" just a little. :)

  • The kitty is now acting all crazy, and he wants to go more another day.