Monday, April 21, 2008

Lazy weekend

Saturday we went to Harrods just to wander around, and we managed to get there earlyish, before it got too crowded. And why, may I ask, do department stores everywhere make you walk through the perfume area first? What a way to give me asthma attacks to start off my shopping day right! Yeesh!

Anyway, we had a little lunch and went ALL the way up to the sporting goods area where it was almost completely empty and I saw the kind of bicycle I need. It looked a lot like those old Cruisers and had high handlebars and a low crossbar and was pink with flames! SO me! And so expensive! It was about 600 pounds! It looked a lot like this:

And that one seems to be only $289, so I'm guessing if I don't buy such a thing at Harrods... :)

Lennart wants a bike like this:

Which at Harrods was even more expensive than the pink one. Nope, not broken, just foldable.

And then right in the middle of the golf-wear (I think that's where it was, anyway. Could have been sailing gear.) was an Illy bar, so we plopped down (or rather climbed up onto the high stools) and had a cappuccino and learned from the bar menu that there are also coffee drinks such as Ristretto and Marocchino and another one that I can't remember the name of. We felt hopelessly unknowledgeable in the world of coffee and vowed to better ourselves. Then we continued on, gaped at the golf cart Hummer:

And then made our way down the Egyptian escalators:

to the third (I think) floor with the furniture and got some amazing ideas, such as a neato glass dining room table and some nifty tall planter pots, and I think we both fell in love with this Roche Bobois chair:

One day, IKEA will copy it and it'll be more in our price range. Heh. :)

Then we went home and made a creamy broccoli, potato, and gruyère soup. With fresh baguettes. Yummers.

Sunday we watched old CSI:NY episodes all day long and pined over our very-much-missed Manhattan!


Johan v B said...

Dear Jessie,

Have you tried riding one o'dem cruiser bikes? It does look very uncomfortable. If it's looks and color you want in addition to comfort, I think you'd be better off having some LBS build something off one of these beauties:

jes6ica said...

Those look cool! I guess what I want is a low cross bar and high handlebars. I'm too top-heavy in the bustal regions to lean forward so far as with regular bikes, and I end up feeling really off balance. And I have really short legs for being as tall as I am. I remember really liking my old banana-seated bike that I had as a kid. Back-pedal for breaks and no silly gear-shifting to worry about. How do I get me one of those as a grown-up?